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Welcome to 5th grade!

This is an exciting year for every 5th grade student. You are finally at the top of the food chain, well at least for nine months. This year you will be learning about the American Revolution, geometry, algebra, environments, preparing for sixth grade, and of course, the WASL! Depending on your abilities in math and reading you could have Mrs. Schafer, Mrs. Thompson or my self for math or reading.

I'll give you a little background knowledge about myself so that you know who and what you will be working with all year. I was born in Alabama, but I grew up in the very small town of Twisp, Washington. There I spent most of my days playing basketball. When I wasn't playing basketball I was hiking in the beautiful Cascade Mountains, swimming in many of the lakes, or rafting down the river. I graduated from EWU with a major in reading and a minor in special education. Currently I am working on my masters degree from Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your family this year.


Always be prepared for class and turn in all your homework!!