Ms.Myhal's 4th Grade ELA Class


Dear Fourth Grade, and Families,

I want to take a moment to welcome all students, parents and families to our 4th grade ELA class. I am looking forward to an incredible year together. I have so much planned for our school year and can't wait to share all of our plans. We will be doing many activites, projects, group work, and going on class trips. We will also celebrate birthdays and special events together! As we all prepare for our school year, I ask that we come into the classroom with a positive attitude, and willingess to try our best each day. We will be tackling some new topics and challenging ourselves this year, and I have hopes for each of you! To all of my students, please feel free to visit me in room 310 with any questions you may have, or if you need any help with anything! I am here to help you. To all parents and families, please don't hesitate to contact me either. I believe that we will be most successful if we are all on the same page and working together. You can reach me via phone at 914-123-4567 or via email


Let's have a great year!