Course Description and Essential Questions:
The students in this class will receive instruction in reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and handwriting. By focusing on these key ares of language development, students will work towards becoming even more effective communicators and critical thinkers. 


Reading: We will be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction stories, and poems throughout the year. As we enjoy these stories, we will also analyze them so that students may learn how to effectively read for information, identify main ideas, and characters, predict outcomes, and discern the  consequences of choice. 
        *Essential Questions: 
            1) How does reading influence us?
            2) What can a reader do when they don’t understand?


Writing: We will move through all five steps of the writing process throughout the course of the school year. The five steps include: planning, drafting, revising, proofreading, and publishing. Students will also learn how to     write friendly letters, persuasive essays, a story, a book report, and a research report. 
        *Essential Questions:
            1) Why do we write?
            2) How does writing help us grow as communicators?
            3) How can we use reflection to improve our writing?


    Spelling: Weekly spelling lists will be given throughout the course of the school year. We will use different activities to review our spelling lists. These activities include out loud dictation, word sorting, word studies and proofreading. 
        *Essential Questions:
            1) Why is it important to use correct spelling? 
            2) What are the benefits of using resources to improve your spelling?


Grammar: This year, students will review and broaden their abilities to correctly identify and use the different parts of speech in keeping with proper grammatical rules. Rules for capitalization, abbreviations, and using the underline or italics, will also be addressed.
        *Essential Questions:
            1) What is the purpose of applying grammar skills?


Handwriting: Students will receive an introduction on cursive and develop a basic mastery in it by the end of the school year. 
        *Essential Questions:
            1) How does handwriting affect your communication? 


Classroom Expectations
     Treat others the way you would like to be treated. 
     Respect yourself. Respect one another’s opinion and feelings. Respect your teachers and school. 
     Try your best. All homework assignments, classwork, and group work    should represent your best effort.
     Hand in all homework assignments promptly. 
     Arrive to class on time and prepared to start the day. 
     Have fun!

Grading System
All tests and assignments will be graded using the following criteria. Please put your best foot forward on each task. Your effort will be counted towards your grade and in some cases, you may be able to receive partial credit. 
        Reading Assignments / Tests - 20%
        Writing & Grammar Assignments / Tests - 40%
        Spelling Assignments / Tests - 20%
        Handwriting Assignments / Tests - 20%