Technology background knowledge and information

Here are links to videos about Assistive technology:



This is the link for the first video we watched in the course about how technology can help people.


The video explains the reasons behind section 504 and how it is important to help people with disabilities.


This video is about the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it has helped people since it’s passage.


This video describes Assistive technology specifically.Low tech, mid tech and high tech. It also discusses how we can think about AT and universal design


This is a video about the Ipad, and how it helps a child named “Nick” use it for communicating and helping people communicate with him.(very inspiring)


Video about Dysgraphia and what its like to have it, how to help with it. (Ask the expertDr.Horwitz)


Video about Dyslexia. This video I really liked because I have dyslexia and it was the first video I have seen that actually describes accurately what I experience.


Video on UDL as a principal of design


Myth of the “average” --Todd Rose ted talk


Teaching Math without words.Innovative way to think about Math instruction


Alexander graham bell bio.


Hearing loss and how it can impact a child’s development


impact of having hearing implants and how they work


Speech Recognition for Windows


Voice over IOS products – way to control your “I-device” using gestures

  16. Common Eye disorders that can affect vison

Laws regarding Assistive technology:

Basic Special Education Process under IDEA 2004

Assistive Technology Solutions

Math Assistive technology Chart