Because you can see this is quite recent


In addition, he says the game ought to be playable without these services providing you have a broadband connection that's really not correct. The delays are clear as day and not everyone lives near the servers cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos  in the usa. Without these services the overall gameplay experience is not smooth. There are noticeable flaws in attacks and buffing. Also attempting to pull off a dual flash leap near to immediately is impossible without those services.

You merely need to unblock them. I found that this also. Because you can see this is quite recent. I don't know whether they're still attempting to have it working with the development team but a word on this would be nice.

They encourage 80+ MMO games and if you visit any of their forums and ask whether the use of these services like Battleping is allowed they will tell you that it is. There is absolutely no reason why these ought to be blocked. Not everybody who's in GMS service area is about 20-50ms ping. A number people have 200+ms ping particularly from Australia.Please do something about it. Maybe touch base with these and see whether you can restrict access to such services only.

What do Marksmen, Spear-men, Paladins w/maces, Kaisers, and a few Bowmen have in common? Their big two-handed weapons often cover most if not all the operator's body obscuring it in the view of earth. Perhaps you bought a nice Nexon overall or even fuse-anviled a cool looking armor into yours but it is sad that it is not visible once you're standing idle or perhaps walking. Well after hours (like 5 minutes) of intense (casual) believing and preparation I have devised an answer to this problem.

Presenting the Holster it is a slice of Nexon equipment  Maple M Mesos which goes in the cape slot at the Nexon tab which enables the user to "put their weapon away" when they're standing or walking at a similar fashion to idle Demon Avengers, Cannoneers or even Zero. The thought of this Holster is that if you believe that your weapon looks fine enough without needing to conceal it with a different Nexon weapon or if it simply covers your whole body obscuring your avatars body from presence then this piece of gear will help.