Course Overview

Over the duration of this course we will discuss the following texts and themes: 

- To Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper Lee 

- The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald  

- The Crucible - Arthur Miller  

Shakespearian Literature: 

- Julias Caesar 

- Macbeth 


Learning Outcomes: 

To Kill A Mockingbird

Key themes 

- Good VS Evil 

- Character Perspective 

- Racism  

- Use of imagery and symbolism

- Destroying innocence  

This novel written by Harper Lee challenges the ideas of racism and childhood innocence within this novel. We as a class will be discussing why these themes are so evident throughout the story and how the story ending would be different if these themes were not put in effect. 


The Great Gatsby  

Key themes

Decline of the American Dream 

​- The hallowness of the Upper class 

​- Use of imagery and symbolism   

This novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald discusses the idea of the American Dream during the 1920's. It highlights the idea that money does not equivalent happiness. As a class, we will focus on these main themes and discuss how they shape the novel into what it is today. 


The Crucible 

Key Themes 

- Reputation 

- Intolerance 

- Hysteria 

- Symbolism of the Witch Trials 

This novel by Arthur Miller is based off of the Salem Witch Trails and focuses on how the ideas of reputation and cleanliness of a persons name affects their decisions. We Will discuss the themes listed above as well as conceptualize the text as if it was taking place in modern day society.



Julias Caesar 

Key Themes  

- Fate VS Free Will 

- Public Self VS Private Self 

- Omens 

- Women VS Wives   


Key Themes 

- Cruelty VS Masculinity  

- Violence 

- Hallucinations 

- Prophecy 

- Symbolism used within the novel   

Both plays written by William Shakespeare discuss similar themes and ideas. The plays tell the tragic story of the protagonists hunger for power and both stopping at nothing to obtain said power. We read as the characters test their limits and eventually lead to their own demise. We will compare and contrast the themes present in both of the stories and translate the plays into modern day speech.