Walking Club/Walk to School Wednesday

Walking Club

Purpose:  The purpose of this walking club is to promote movement before school.  One of the initiatives Cobb County has adopted is movement before, during, and after school.  There are also benefits for the homeroom teachers – time!

How it works:  The gym will be opened for walking from 7:15 to 7:40.  Students must drop their book bags off, make their lunch choice, and eat breakfast before coming to the gym.  Each grade level will be assigned a day during the week.

Incentives: This is not a mandatory program.  But to get the students here and walking, we have walking tokens.  After students in a class reach a goal, they will receive a token.  The goals are specific for grade level, calculated by class-not individually, and based on time.

Behavior:  We will have an entire grade in the gym.  Students will get a general warning, 1 personal invitation to follow directions, and then they will sit out.  Students that sit out will not have their minutes count toward their class goal.  Students that are a continuous behavior issue will be asked to stay in their classroom or with a designated teacher from their team until the issue can be resolved.  I will NOT send students back to class until 7:40 so we alleviate roaming in the halls. If students need support staff, please send them.






Monday – alternate every other Monday with 1st grade (may combine with 1st later in the year)

1000 Minutes of walking per class


Monday – alternate every other Monday with Kindergarten (may combine with K later in the year)

1000 Minutes of walking per class




1500 Minutes of walking per class




1500 Minutes of walking per class




1500 Minutes of Walking per class




1500 Minutes of Walking per class


We will pass out walking tokens to classes, not during your class time, when they reach their minute goal.  Students will receive a glow in the dark token after 5000 class minutes. Walking outside of the program will not count towards tokens. 


Walk to School Wednesday

On the 1st or 2nd Wednesday of each month the Still Elementary PTA, Wellness Committee, PE Department, and Mountain View Church will host a Walk to School Wednesday.  Students will depart from Mountain View Church and walk the ½ mile to school.  Students will receive a token for participating in Walk to School Wednesday.  These tokens can be added to the Morning Walking Club chains.   Students must be escorted by an adult for the walk.  Walks will begin at 7:00 and end at 7:30. 

Walk to School Wednesday Dates:

No walks until further notice


Please check out http://www.saferoutesga.org/ for pedestrian safety tips and other Safe Routes to School Information.

When it is dark, I recommend bringing a flashlight or lantern.