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Features of Hexagonal Galvanized Bolts

Hexagonal galvanized bolts are used as fastening connections, requiring connection strength (and sometimes tightness). The connecting parts are divided into three precision levels, which are coded as A, B, and C; Class A has the highest accuracy and isĀ  anchor boltsused for the connection of important parts that require precise coordination and vibration prevention; Class B accuracy is mostly used for large loads and frequent assembly , Adjust or bear variable load connections; C-level accuracy is mostly used for general screw connections. Small hexagon head bolts are suitable for occasions where the surface space of the connected parts is small. Stud Bolts with holes, heads with holes and grooves are used to prevent loosening:

The characteristics of the outer hexagon galvanized bolt are that the head is semi-spherical, but the thickness is thin, and a groove is made for the screwdriver to turn the bolt. The screw is fully threaded. Only the square nuts are punched, and the surface of the bolt and the female nut is galvanized and passivated. Therefore, it has strong rust resistance, and is most suitable for use in open air or humid places, such as galvanized iron roofs, partitions, vehicles, agricultural tools, small wooden structures, and other tools.