Mr. Stumpf's Physical Science

Reminder: after being absent, you ONLY have the amount of missed days to make up missed work.


If your internet is down, use a cell phone (hotspot) OR text/call a friend and ask them to go online and inform you. If you are ever using blackboard and blackboard does not respond as it should, do one or all of the following: restart your computer, logoff and log into blackboard, turn off your computer then turn it back on 10 minutes later, unplug your router and plug it in 10 minutes later, etc. If unsuccessful, use your smartphone or another computer; text/call an acquaintance and ask them to check the site on their computer. If you cannot print, call a classmate and ask them to print a copy for you OR email me and I will print one for you before the school day begins. Computer challenges are not accepted as reasons for not completing assignments.


31 August 2020

Welcome back to all of you! I hope you had a relaxing summer break.

PLEASE go to BB and self enroll in the course.

We will be reviewing the Nature of Science over the course of the first weeks of school. Below is a set of pracitce quizzes. Give them a try to check your current knowledge!



Copy this vocab (DO NOT print it)