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Welcome to our class website. Below, you will find links which should be helpful in your studies. Some videos may be assigned as part of homework. Watch them as many times as you need.

Current Units:

Math: Unit 1 (part 1)

Science: Unit 1 (part 2)

Mr. Stutman's song pick of the week:  (Ratatat-17 Years)

*** Highly recommended links are starred ***


***Essential Math Skills:

                             (Video) How do I work with Fractions Rap

                              (Video) Khan Academy's Place Value

Unit 1: (Fractions and Decimals)

               Part 1: Expanded Form

                            (Video)Place Value Song:

                             (Video)Expanded Form:

                              (Video)Khan Academy's Expanded Form:

                           *  (Prezi) Expanded Form:

                            *  (Prezi/Lesson) Expanded Form using Fractions:

              Part 2: Equivalent Forms

                           *(Video) Converting Fractions to Decimals

                            *(Video) Converting Fractions to Decimals (Advanced)

                            * (Video) "Fractions and Decimals: Doin Math like a Professional" Rap

                             *(Video) Converting Mixed Decimals to Fractions.

                             *(Video) Khan Academy's  Ratios as Fractions

                  Part 3: Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers

                              * (Video) Comparing and Ordering

                                *(Vide0) Comparing and Ordering 2


Unit 1: (Classification)

                  Part 1: Introduction to Classification

                                 (Video) Taxonomy Pyramid

                                 (Video)The Taxonomy Song:

                                 (Video)Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) Classification Rap:

                               * (Prezi) Order of Life/Binomial Nomenclature