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About Me!!!

A little about myself...

I am a graduate of Sikeston High School. I graduated Sikeston in 2008. I attended Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) where I graduated in 2012 which a middle school education degree with an emphasis in math and social studies. My passion is teaching math. I have always wanted to be a math teacher. I substitute taught for almost 3 years at Sikeston Public Schools and also at Scott County Central. I always knew I wanted to be a math teacher and I am so glad I choose to become one!!! Family is everything to me and I am about to start one of my own. I will be getting married in June of 2012.

My number one goal is to help my students. I am not only their teacher but I am also their friend. If any student of parent needs to contact me please feel free to do so. You my contact me by email at or by calling the school at 555-6748.

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