Permanent Links

o   This is our class website, which you will be logging on to everyday for pertinent links and classroom materials.
o   This is our main interactive textbook site; individual access codes w/be posted
o   To enhance our vocabulary
o   Study strategies
Search Engines
Graphic Organizers:
  • Refer to Note-taking Link
·         This Day in History
o   Write down  the date, 1 paragraph summary of what happened on that day, and research 5 key facts about the event/person 
    (use the Encyclopedia links on the right)
·         Current Events
o   Complete 5 W’s, 1 H about the assigned news story/stories        
·         Scroll throughout homepage
·         “Weird News”
·         Some stories have opinion polls
·         Local news
·         Click “NewsWatch” upper-right (1 long article or 3 short articles)
·         Quote of the Day - Mondays
o   Choose a quote
o   Write down your interpretation of the quote
o   Research 3 key facts about the author