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                      Ms. Kim
            Class Year 2009-2010


First and foremost, this is your classroom, and you will all play an integral role in your own learning. The mission statement of our classroom will always be “Student’s First.” Throughout this class, we will all share in a true commitment to lifelong learning, acquiring new skills and knowledge to prepare us for post-secondary goals. My role as teacher will be to serve you in this capacity.

Like everything in life, this syllabus is not concrete. There is always room for adjustment, things are ever-changing and evolving, and your input is constantly being sought.

What will you Learn?

Milwaukee Public Schools has defined a core set of standards to be addressed throughout your years in high school. This is a continuum of standards that carries over from year to year. Our focus this year will be on the central subjects of:

• English Language Arts & Reading
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies

**Note: at the beginning of the school year, we will be completing a battery of tests to assess current learning levels to help facilitate “where we are going.” We will also be completing assessments throughout the year to gauge “where we have gone.” These casual assessments will not be a part of your grade. Mistakes are welcomed, and scores are for informational purposes only!

What do I need to do to Graduate from this Class?
    • Study Guides/Notes: Students will complete study guides/notes for the various units and lessons in class. This will be an assessment of your note-taking skills.
    • Tests/Quizzes: Students will be tested throughout the year on various units, to include a midterm and final.
    • Projects: Students will be responsible for several projects throughout the course of the year which will involve research, presentations, and reports.
    • Journals: Each student will be responsible for completing journal entries in a separate notebook which you will use to write down assignments, answer questions, and complete reflection activities each day. These journal entries will be checked on a periodic basis for grading. Some entries will be placed in your portfolio.
    • Current Events: You will be responsible for reading and reporting (to the class) on a current event each week.
    • Participation: Every student will be expected to participate in group activities and classroom discussion. A set number of points will be given each week.
    • Homework: Homework assignments will include essays, graphic organizers, KWL charts, minor projects, and regular reading assignments.
    • Portfolio: Students will be responsible for completing a portfolio kept in a 3-ring binder/folder to be assessed throughout the year, with a final portfolio assessment conducted during the midterm and final dates of school.

**Each assignment is given a point value based on time, effort, and completion. I allow assignments to be redone and quizzes/tests to be retaken based on my discretion. If you ever feel you were graded unfairly, please bring this to my attention, and we will work through it together.



Required Materials:

It is essential to gather these materials immediately at the beginning of the school year in order for us as a class to move forward with projects and homework assignments. If you are unable to gather these materials by the beginning of the 2nd week, please see me so other arrangements can be made.

• 3 pens: 1 blue, 1 black, 1 red
• Pencils
• ___ single subject notebooks
• ___ folders
• 2 different colored highlighters
• 3-ring binder
• 4 packs of post-its

Online Resources:
(Helpful websites)

o This is our class website, which you will be logging on to everyday for pertinent links and classroom materials.
o This is our main interactive textbook site; individual access codes w/be posted
o New York Times Learning Center – used for current events
o The History Channel – used for “This Day in History”
o To enhance our vocabulary

**Each of you will be required to provide me with your email address on the class sign-in sheet in order to obtain necessary updates. If you do not currently have an email account, we will work together on setting you up with an email provider the first few days of class.


[Insert planned course outline -- with dates, if possible. Include topics to be covered (and their order), scheduled quizzes and exams, long-term assignment due dates, and such special events as field trips and guest lecturers.]


Attendance Policy:

Attendance is the key to success in any course. You need to be in class to obtain all the necessary information and practice needed to be successful throughout the year. However, there are always circumstances which require us to be MIA, in which case excused absences will be taken into consideration.

• See the Class Coordinator for missed notes and assignments
• Check the folder for handouts
• Complete missed homework/readings

Make-up Work:

**You are responsible for any make-up work when you are absent. Any work you missed (journal entries, homework) should be made up within 3 days after your return. Any assignments due the date of absence will be due the day you return.

If you miss a test or quiz you will be given an opportunity to make this up during a free period or lunch hour within 3 days of returning.

Late assignments will be given a scaled grade all depending on the reasons. Teacher and learner will come to an agreement on the scoring, but will generally follow in a 30% reduction for each day late. No assignments will be accepted after the 2nd day, and will result in a forfeiture of points.

Grading Policies:

Grades will be based on a point system.

• Homework assignments, journal entries, & projects: 40%
• Portfolio: 10%
• Participation:  10% (5 points/week)
• Quizzes:  10%
• Tests, Midterms, & Finals:  20%


Throughout the year there will be various extra credit assignments offered to help students boost their grade. These will often be “student choice” activities.

Grading Scale:

Classroom Management:

• Must be on time & prepared to work when the bell rings.
• Seating chart: TBA
• Leave the room with permission.
• Bathroom breaks and other errands will be addressed on a case by case basis.
• Respect your fellow learners. No talking over one another and no profane language.
• No electronic usage except for scheduled “free-time.”



    • Classroom Coordinator
      • Keep students & materials current & up-to-date
    • Class Recorder
      • Takes notes on what we accomplished/writes on board during class dicussion
    • Representative
      • “Voice of the class”
    • Correspondent/Messenger
      • Relays messages to the office/other classes
    • Display Coordinator
      • Keeps the bulletin board up-to-date, searches for motivational quotes
    • Literacy Coach
      • Vocabulary
    • Researcher
      • Googles/researches topics we are unfamiliar with

**As I mentioned, you’re all young adults, so if there are any deviations from the Classroom Management Procedures, we’ll work together and discuss these issues during “off-hours.”

**We’ll work together as a class to vote on class rewards (i.e. Friday free-time, end-of-the-month parties, field trips, Classroom Choice, guest speakers, etc.).

Classroom Procedures:

  • Beginning of Class:
    • Write down the day’s agenda in your journals and complete bell-ringer/prompt activity at the start of class
    • Attendance/sign-in
    • Homework check
    • Classroom Meeting/discuss prior day’s lessons/homework
  • Delve into the day’s lessons
  • “Coffee Break” – discuss top news event – different from our weekly news reports
  • Lunch
    • After lunch hour: Brain Teaser/Problem-solving activity
  • End of Day:
    • Classroom Meeting/discuss what was learned
    • Closing – journal reflection/wind-down activity



• Ms. Kim
• [Insert phone number and hours of availability]
• [Insert email address]
• [Insert class URL]

I look forward to your input and your insight during the school year. I encourage your parents, as well as yourselves, to email me during off-hours with any concerns.

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