At-Home Resources

Download Microsoft Office for FREE with your student email!



This Month we will be covering the story of Thanksgiving

(Microsoft Word is a word processor used by many teachers and students. This program allows Teachers to create worksheets, notes, permission slips, student reports, with the ability to insert pictures and tables. Creating a newsletter or infograph for students and parents to keep up with what is being covered throughout the classroom or to send home pertinent information about upcoming events.) 




 Our Current Science lesson is about Bugs! 

(Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software used by many teachers. This program allows Teachers to create presentations, slideshows, in a creative multimedia use way. It allows teachers to explain abstract concepts in a new learning style that allows for easier integration of complex materials. Its use within the classroom helps to motivate students in a fun way and can be useful in other fields. It is also a great tool for visual learning styles.)




Please use our weekly Spelling List to help your student progress in language acquisition!

(Microsoft Excel is a datasheet product that allows Teachers to collect data about their students in one place. Worksheets can be used for keeping grades of students. Giving access to parents, or administrators of a student's progress at any given time. It allows parents to see what students are doing within the classroom while also making sure their student is keeping up with the assigned workload.)