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Welcome to Instrumental Music - the universal language.  The instrumental music classes have just begun and are off to a great start.    Lessons are held once a week along with two ensemble rehearsals a week.   Remember to set up a time for your student to practice at home that works out with his/her schedule.  Practice should be a time where he/she can reinforce the skills taught in class to further their enjoyment in music.  One way parents can help their child in their learning is by reinforcing their efforts with praise and rewards. 

We are so excited to be working with your students this year and are looking forward to seeing and hearing their progress!

Here are 5 tips to remember to help your child have a successful practice session at home.

(1)Note the key signature and the time signature before you begin to play. Are there any sharps or flats?
(2) Work on the piece slowly, in sections at a practice tempo.  Speed will eventually happen.
(3) If the rhythm is tricky, count!  If you find you are making errors, mark your music.  Put the pencil to the paper – it really does help.
(4) Test yourself. Three times right in a row and you probably know the phrase or section.
(5) Make sure you allow time for thought and work on expression, phrasing, tone quality and dynamic changes.
 End your practice session by playing some music you know well, do some sight reading or play by ear and have fun!



Your performances yesterday were wonderful.  You all have grown so much as performers and students.  Congratulations on a job well done!!

The Music Staff