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My name is Jennifer Feaster.  I teach Fourth grade at St. Lucie West K-8.  I was born and raised in South Florida.  I moved to Port St. Lucie two years ago from Broward County.  I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with honors.  

SmileWhy I Chose Education as a CareerSmile

When people used to ask me “Why do you want to become a teacher?  I replied by saying “it makes me happy” and people always say you should find a job that makes you happy because a good portion of your life will be spent involved in this endeavor. I remember when I first realized that I wanted to be a teacher.  It was seven years ago while I was working, I worked at an aftercare program at an elementary school.  I was working with a group of first graders.  The student’s homework assignment was to write a list of things they learned in first grade.  The students wrote pages and pages of things they learned, from using the correct punctuation to how to subtract to learning about respect and friendship and the list goes on and on.  I thought it was absolutely amazing at what these children were writing down.  I remember getting the feeling that this is what I want to do with my life: I want to teach. There are several reasons why I want to become a teacher, other than it makes me happy.  When I teach, I will be making a difference in a child’s life, which is an amazing feeling, and I would be experiencing it everyday.  I still keep in touch with a couple of my elementary school teachers and even today they make an influence in my life. I would like to be like some of the teachers I had when I was in elementary school.  Children are our future and it’s an amazing feeling to know the influence that I could possibly have on the future. 

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