Assignment Information

Current Event Format

Current events are due twice a month.  You can use magazines, newspapers, and even websites.  You MUST have a copy of the article.  NO Weather, NO Sports or Entertainment pages. Click on educational websites for great sites to find articles.

 The following format should be used:

1.  In your first paragraph you should include the following information:  This article is titled...and written by...I found it in...It was published on... The reason I chose this article is because...

2. In the second paragraph you should write a summary of the article. Remember, a summary is in your OWN words and should be no less than five sentences.  Include in your summary the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW of the article. 

3.  On the back of the paper you should write five words. These five words should be words you did not know OR words that were important in the article and the definitions should be provided.  Furthermore, these words should be highlighted in the article and the article should be stapled to the back of your paper. 

4. Include your opinion of the article, two or three sentences.

LaughingYour Current Event should be at least ONE page long.

Book Report

 Choice-- The students have a choice of what type of book report to create. 

Due: April 30th