The Basics


On this site, the development of my teaching goals and strategies will be displayed. As I pack my "teacher tool box" full of pedegogical and content knowledge, the reflection will be clear here. I am beginning with a base knowledge of technology and minimal teaching techniques, as well as little to no content knowledge. As I learn and grow, I hope to prove that I have become a qualified teacher. 

Teaching with Technology

Technology is becoming more an integral part of learning everyday. Not only does it improve learning, it is necessary to know how to use technology for jobs. It is the schools' job to prepare students for the real world; therefore, technology classes and integration in regular classes is vital to the learning process. 


I have always believed in teaching toward a student's learning style. As someone still in school, I know how difficult to can be to learn from teachers using teacher-centered methods. If the student doesn't learn well in whichever way the teacher teaches, i.e. PowerPoint, lecture, readings, etc., the student will only grasp minimal information from the lesson. However, if the teacher strives for student-centered learning in the classroom, the student is more likely to gain substantial knowledge from each lesson. Student-centered instruction involves group work, hands on activities, teacher acting as facilitator, etc. It is much more likely for a class with many different teaching strategies to touch each students' learning style. 


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