Hi Class!

October 7th, 2011

Today is Friday!!!! Yay! Here are weekly reviews by me, Mrs. Swanson:

  • "Friday" by Rebecca Black- Very annoying athough catchy at the same time ** (2 stars)
  • Toy Story 3- 1st movie was good, 2nd movie was better, but 3rd movie was by far the best. It is just great! Who doesn't like toys?? :) **** (4 stars)
  • Soul Surfer- This movie is one of my all time favorites! May be more for girls, but guys will probably enjoy it just much. I saw this a while ago, and I still remember it very clearly. It had a great impact. ***** (5 stars)
  • Super 8- Interesting, creepy at some parts, fast moving, action packed, suspenseful, impactful, and as it says in it's title, super. Definately a great movie. It is pg-13 though, so make sure you make sure you can watch it by asking your parents! **** (4 stars)


Ask Mrs. Swanson

Q: "I seem to be getting many late assignments because I am forgeting to bring stuff home. Do you have any suggetions of how I will remember?" Anonomys

A: "First of all, make sure you are writing down all of your homework that is due the next day or even if it is due a week from the day it is assigned. Secondly, write notes to yourself reminding you what you need to take home. Put the notes all over. For example, put them on your assignment notebook, on your desk, in or on your back pack, or anywhere else you tend to look at alot. Lastly, ask a friend or me if we can remind you that you have homework. Don't get mad at your friend if they don't want to, though. All of my class and the grade can come to me for help with homework, for remembering homework, or anything! Thanks for the great question!! :)" Mrs. Swanson


I will pick one question up a day. Some of yours may not be on the website just because there are too many questions to put on. That doesn't mean not to ask though, because either way I will respond to your question, and give it back to you as soon as I can. If you don't want your question on the website, you may write that on your paper. Either way, put your name on the paper so I know who to give it back to, but if you don't want your name on the website please write that also. Thanks! Bring on the questions!! :)