Mr. Wenger's Kindergarten classroom

Welcome to the Tiger Den!



Monthly News letter

For this month's breakfast and lunch schedule (Click here)

Upcoming Events:

10/12/2020- School feild trip to Tulsa zoo 
Students will need a paper sack lunch from home. 
I am also looking for parent volunteers, Please contact me if interested!

10/30/2020- Costume dress up day (No painted faces or masks that cover entire face)

Lastly, this month we are going to be observing fall foliage. Please assist your child in collecting different items that represent fall to show to the class. (ex; leaves, photos, fall colored items, fall foods only if there is enough for entire class)

If you have any questions or additional ideas for our fall themed activities please contact me via the the contact page. Thank you Mr. Wenger



Here are the Oklahoma Academic standards so you know what we will be covering in this classroom (Click here)


Parents- Please read the following article about 7 benifits of reading to children. (click here)

I ask that you read to, or assist your child in reading at least 20 minutes per day. If you do not have books at home you can check them out from our school library, come see me for my classroom collection, or visit this website for access to 50 free online E books!


Classroom Rules

1. Listening Bodies
I will listen and follow directions

2. Raised Hands
I will raise my hand to share ideas

3. Quiet voices 
I will use a soft voice
4. Walking feet 
I will walk in school to be safe
5. Helping Hands 
I will use my hands for helping and not hurting
6. Caring Hearts 
I will use kind words and share



Help our classroom!

Our classroom could still use your help with the following supplies for upcoming projects!

Non-toxic paint

Playdough (any color)

Leggos/ wooden blocks

We can always use more disenfectant wipes and germ x!