Research Paper Rubric

Composition I Semester Test

Research Project:

250 Points


*Paper (script): worth 100 points

*Notecards: worth 50 points- minimum of 40 notecards

*Visual Aid: worth 50 points

There is a slight change of plans.  Since the computer labs are booked, you may choose whatever type of visual aid you’d like to use.  You may do a PowerPoint, Posters, a Video, or even bring in props.   However, you must present your paper (script) with a visual aid.

If you do a PowerPoint, you must have a minimum of 8 slides.  If you do Posters, you must have a minimum of 2 posters.   Anything other type of visual aid must be approved by Mrs. Adkins

*Presentation: worth 50 points

Prepared and ready to go on time

Not Reading from the Slides/Posters

Speak clearly and loudly enough to be understood


Q: When Is The Presentation Due?


You will present your PowerPoint the last week of class, May 14-18

Mrs. Adkins will ask for volunteers to go first, and then will randomly choose names.