TNT is Dynamite!



Imagine Madison Avenue is exploding with dynamite character from our ”TNT” community based partnership that is geared to help students grow their character.  Our school has partnered with parents, a local church, and the University of Toledo to bring recreational therapy to our students.  The group organizes activities such as sports, dramatics, games, and arts and crafts to assist students to develop positive interpersonal relationships, to socialize effectively with positive character traits, and to develop confidence needed to participate in-group activities. The program meets every Tuesday and Thursday to help students who struggle with positive behavior choices, communication and social skills, positive relationships. It helps students to focus on molding individual character, as well as their peers.

University students team up with our students in team building activities such as; building newspaper towers, all about me posters, dances, and tactile learning. Students exhibit their strengths while relying on others to strengthen their weaknesses.

The “TNT” Program helps students with building both moral and performance character. Students work on their moral character such as fairness, caring, trust, respect, responsibility, and performance character such as setting goals and perseverance.  In the team activity challenges, students learn to care about others feelings, trust their team members, be responsible for their part in it, and respect others opinions. Additionally, they learn that if they set goals to win they have to persevere even when it becomes difficult.

Parents and teachers are very satisfied with the program. There is noticeable improvement in the students ability to problem solve, as well as their social interactions with adults and peers.