Welcome to our class!

     I am Ms. Boyk-Paul  (Ms. Bree) and I already have so many wonderful things to tell you about your children. We are already able to work as a team. We have many great questions and interests to work with. I am so glad to have them in my class. So far they have dome a great job with classifying, sorting, and alphabet work.This is my first webpage and I am so excited that I can have this available to you all.Cool

Our class schedule-

Campus opens 7:40 

School starts  Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00

Recess 9:35-9:50

Lunch 11:40-12:10

Dismissal 2:10 early dismissal on Thursday at 1:10

For dismissal students will wait in the North parking lot by the marquee.

Homework packets go home and come in on Fridays to give your families more time to do the practice work that parallels our class work. All testing is also done on Fridays.Laughing

Tune in again for more updates!   ;)

My email is bcboykpa@cuca.k12.ca.us

TOCS 909 948-3044 ext. 6309