Thanks for your support

I would like to say thank you so very much for all of your wonderful donations for our snacks and much needed school supplies you are the best!!!

Also thanks to Mrs. Badet, Ms. Brandy, and Mrs. Zeigler for your volunteer hours.   ;) We are lucky to have you!

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       We have started our grade level intervention this week and the kid's are really thriving and pleased with their placement. Intervention is a very helpful program that helps the kids to improve in decoding, phonics, fluency and also comprehension.

       As a class we are working on social skills and progressive  lessons to work with the different levels of my students and their working abilities in each subject. For example, we start each day with                           SENTENCE HELPERS. These sentences work with all of our vocabulary, which comes from our reading selection for the week. This is a great way to work on our spelling, our grammar, and our writing skills each day. As students progress  they can move on to the next step when they are ready.  Then we practice our addition skills, and the kids can move on to table book reading. The books are new selections each week.

       Our library time is set for the rest of the year with each child checking out a book at their level. And we have book sharing time which will lead into Author's  Chair right after vacation in November.... more details on that to come. All children will have the ability and priviledge to share, read and question the whole class on a book of their choice.  This week we plan to finish our unit on animals.

        We are still working on number placement, number value, and number sentences in our math unit. We are reviewing fact families, patterns, and counting by 2's, 5's and 10's, and logic skills.

       We have started doing  our spelling tests and we are getting closer towards doing legible work. I am so happy with the progress that my kids have made in so many areas. Our writing will improve each week as we practice with all of our writing and phonics work. You will be seeing more manuscript writing every other week.

       If you have time take a look at the new website for the school there are great suggestions for learning websites and also sites that work with our texts.


Library- Tuesday @ 10:00

Intervention- 10:45 - 11:15  Monday --> Friday

P.E.  Thursday 8:25

Thursday- 1:10 Dismissal

Computer- 10:00  Thursday