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WOK Perception
Daily power point: Perception Unit
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The physiology of perception
Assumptions of our brains

Final response series
BBC: Human Senses (1/5)
BBC: Phantoms in the Brain (Part 1, Episode 1)

BBC visual illusions interactive
Chameleon camouflage
M.C, Escher

Other illusions
Auditory illusions
Tactile illusions

There is probably no single better, more interesting source about the study of perception than Oliver Sacks. To me, he was best known for The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat until I realized only recently that he was the real man behind Awakenings. This is but one small part of his output. Buy his books! Watch the movie!
Oliver Sacks on what it means to be blind
How optical illusions work
Movie illusions
Mind's Eye: How our brains transform visual perception
BBC, Brain Story: Brain Damage and Perception (1/2)

How animals perceive the world
Amazing animal senses
Bee's eye view: color vision in insects
Einstein to a bee!

Visible and electromagnetic spectrum
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