School Supplies 2012

You may bring school supplies on Meet the Teacher night or the First day of School.

2 Pkg. 9x12 asst. colored construction paper-50 count
2 Pkg. 12x18 asst. colored construction paper-50 count
1 Pkg. 12x18 manila construction paper-50 count
1 Pkg. 9x12 manila construction paper -50 count
2 boxes of Crayola crayons -24 ct. (standard size, not large "fat" crayons)
2 4 ounce bottles of Elmer's School Glue
12 small, 6 gram, Elmer's Glue stick
1 Box of washable Crayola Thick Classic markers-8ct
3 Boxes of facial tissues
1 Pkg.#2 Pencils, pre-sharpened, yellow only, 12 count
1 8 Color Crayola Washable Watercolors with brush
1 pink bevel eraser
1 Plastic 2-pocket, 3-brad folder(red)
1 Plastic 2-pocket, 3-brad folder (yellow)
1 Mead Marble Comp Comp w/story paper 100count
1 Highlighter-Yellow
1 Plastic School Box
1 Nylon zipper pencil bag, clear
1 1/2" hardback vinyl binder
2 Spiral Notebooks-Green
1 Blunt 5" Fiskar Scissors

Please do not label supplies.