Monthly Book Report Themes

Monthly Book Reports

Let’s READ exploring all the different genres!  Along with the Bookworm project (which is reading 100 books), students will choose and read one book each month for a book report. The chosen book should be at the individual reading level of the student (not too easy or too difficult), book needs to be in the selected genre and this book can be added to the 100 booklist for bookworm. Each month students will complete an individual project and be responsible for getting it in on time. Projects and celebration events are held on the last school day of the month (Due Date might occur before a major Holiday so look at the dates).  PLEASE – use your local library and school library to find books in each genre with your child! :)


Outlook: Monthly Book Report


  1. October  – Memory Bag - GENRE - Fiction
  2. November – Plus 5 Minus 5 - GENRE Autobiography or Biography
  3. December – Puppet or Play – Genre Fable or a Tall Tale
  4. February – Windsock – GENRE – Realistic Fiction
  5. March– Flipbook -  GENRE – Historical
  6. April – Book jacket - GENRE - Adventure Story
  7. May  - Free Choice

Descriptions and Due Dates


Dates you should read the books



Due date

Important Notes

Sept 1-Oct 3


Memory Bag

Mon, Oct. 31


Oct 17-Nov 17th

Autobiography or biography

Plus 5 Minus 5

Wed, Nov 30th

After Thanksgiving

Nov 14- Dec 12th

Genre Fable or Tall Tale

Puppet or Play

Fri, Jan 6th

After Winter Break

Jan 6 –Feb 17th

Realistic Fiction


Wed, Feb 29th


Feb 13 – March 18th



Friday, March 30th  


March 19 – April 20th

Adventure Story

Book jacket

Monday, April 30th


April 30th – May 14th

Free Choice!

Free Choice!

Friday, May 18th

Due before the end of school


Thanks to these teacher websites for credit with ideas and for the resources they have given out!

1. Mrs. Newbury's website - descriptions of Genres

2. Mrs. Renz website

- description of genres

examples of project ideas

3.  NEW!  How each report is graded?  Each report will be graded on presentation skills along with requirements for each project (flyer to be sent home each month to explain project)


Presentation Rubric - Book Reports
Name: ________________________________________________ Name of Book Report Project: ______________________________
  Book Name: ________________________________________
  Yes Not really No
  I looked at different I looked at the same I did not look at the
1. I looked at people while I presented. people while I people all through people while I
  presented. my presentation. presented.
  I signed and I signed and I did not sign or
2. I signed and fingerspelled clearly. fingerspelled clearly. fingerspelled clearly fingerspell clearly.
    most of the time.  
  My signing was I signed too fast I signed too fast
2. My signing was not too fast. just right. sometimes. most of the time.
  I translated my I translated my notes/project I did not translate
3. I presented in ASL. notes/project into ASL. into ASL most of the my notes/project into ASL.
  I understood my time. I did not understand
  notes well. I understood some my notes/project.
    of my notes.  
  I used the right facial I used the right facial I did not use  the
4. I used the right facial expressions. expressions. expressions right facial
    sometimes. expressions.
  I introduced myself I introduced myself I did not introduce
5. I introduced myself and explained what I would talk about in the beginning.  and explained what or I explained what myself and explain
  I would talk about. I would talk about. what I would talk
    I did not do both. about.