About Me

I have been teaching at Tarawa Terrace Elementary School for 14 years.  I was the Moderate/Severe teacher for 13 of those years and last year moved to the Mild/Moderate classroom.  I am very proud to teach and support the students of military families and have enjoyed the time I have been here.  I started my teaching career in Texas as a World Geography and Wolrd History teacher at a large high school in The Colony, Texas.  I have taught special education at a middle school in Georgia and a Bureau of Indian Affairs school in New Mexico on the Navajo Indian Reservation. 

I enjoy doing anything outdoors including hiking, yardwork, the beach, and anything to do with tools.  Music is very important to me and my wife.  She is a local DJ for a classic rock station and we have the opportunity to see many different bands and concerts.  Our closet is filled with concert t-shirts and memorabilia.  I have had the opportunity to photograph some of the biggest names in music and still feel nervous when I am in the photo pit.