Welcome to Mr. White's History Emporium!

Welcome to Mr. White's History Emporium!

Hello parents and students! This is Mr. White and I am excited to welcome you to the beginning of your journey through 10th Grade Social Studies! This Year we will be expoloring some of the most fascinating and formative moments of world history for the period from about 1400 to the present. This brochure is designed to link you the students and parents to some of the most important points on our agenda this year and to introduce myself and some of the class and curriculum expectations that will be in place for our time together. This course will follow the state and district standards for grade 10 Social Studies which can be found at scsd.com


 Mr. White's Mission statement: "My promise to you"

 My mission is to ensure you students and parents, a quality of education that challenges all students to strive for excellence and to demonstrate mastery of defined skills and knowledge. I will  accomplish this by meeting the unique needs of all students and the expectations of students and parents by creating a caring environment through partnerships within the school community and by fostering mutual respect for the diversity present in our course content and our classrooms!
About me!
My name is Travis White and I will be your teacher this year! I love teaching and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you curious learners. I say that because i was one of you. I graduated from Nottingham High School in Syracuse, New York where I played soccer and baseball while graduating with a Regents Diploma. I attended St. John's University in Queens, New York where I was awarded a McNair Scholarship for first generation Minority College students I also played baseball and graduated with a Bachelors degree with a Dual Major in History and Philosophy. After spending several years working in a non-education related field I realized that I was missing something. That something is the ability to connect and communicate in a positive way with young people on a regular basis. At that point I realized that teaching was a mission that I had in my life and since then I have made it my job to share my own curiosity and excitement with my students. 
 Basic Questions for this Course.
  • What forces brought about revolutions and what were their long-term effects?
  • What was the relationship between nationalism, industrialization, and imperialism?
  • How have social, political, and economic conditions led to conflict?
  • What have been the long-term effects of social, political, and economic conflicts?
  • How are nations interdependent today?
 My Expectations for 10th Grade Social Studies
  • Students will be in class in their seats when the bell rings.
  • Coursework/Homework will be turned in on the date assigned unless otherwise noted. I am available if students have any concerns or difficulties. These discussions will occur before the coursework/homework is due. My contact information is twhite13@scsd.com and by phone at 315-435-4433
  • Students will be prepared for class with assignments due, writing utensils, notebook and any other materials needed for that days class.
  • Students will repect each other and the diversity present in the classroom and in our content! They will do this by refraining from using negative and insulting language about their fellow students and the groups we cover in our coursework.
  • Students will come to class with a positive and cooperative attitude in order to better facilitate the learning process. 



  • Attendance/Class participation                                                        10pts.
  • Tests/Quizzes                                                                                40pts.
  • Homework                                                                                    10pts.
  • Group assignments                                                                          20pts.
  • Independant research assignments                                                    20pts.