Links that may be of use



This site allows you to see how the Christmas tradition is celebrated in other countries.
Christmas traditions around the world


BOTH  7th and 8th GRADE
13 colonies, Geography, Presidents, Ancient history as well as US.
Social Studies for kids


Test such as the Constitution test, World History and US History test can be found here.
Test on line


Great site to get info on states, regions.  Has other links for US info such as Presidents.
USA Games


Nice site for practicing the US States location
US States quiz


BOTH 7th and 8th GRADE
A site for multiple geography practice.  Includes both US and World


This site will allow you to see a wide range of topics on Native Americans.  Great for the Native 
American collage project.
Native American topics


A great site for all... this man is my mentor!
Gorospe's Web page


Website for additional information on explorers.
Kid info


Several videos and games to help students understand Congress better
Congress for kids


A great website with crossword puzzles and facts regarding the Constitution
Constitutional facts for kids


Very moving!  I share this with them after I run through the book - September 11, a day of 
remembrance.  Kids get a pretty good understanding from what took place this day and the lasting 
effects of our society.
9/11 slide show I show the kids 


East Coast Travelers----- Great site to use for the holidays in order to possible have family / friends help out 
with the trip
Worldstrides site for ideas on how to raise money for trip