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About the class

US History has its challenges with the memorization of the Constitution to the gore of the Civil 
However the struggle of these sections, I promise you it will be like no other history class you 
ever had!  We will make a life long learner out of the student and following the IB process, will 
relate history to current topics - so beware that the student will get the parent involved and ask 
their opinions on topics that together, we will venture into! 

The GATE will run with high expectations.  Not only will the students learn the standards, 
themes and units covered in a regular 8th grade ED class, but they will be expected to become 
engaged with learning activities that require more depth and complexity.

I don't believe in just straight lectures or constant videos.  I teach with a variety of techniques 
including group work, textbooks, oral presentations, collages and laserdisc/ videos.  Along with 
written tests there will be a variety of projects that will challenge your knowledge.  Please expect 
writing from all classes - this is where common core will lead us.

We are following the standardized base report card.  Academic grades is based on the grading 
as listed in the class sylabus.  Here is the concept as of right now:  
A child has either " Meet standards" which is 100% to 70%.  The degree of meeting that 
standard is as 
"A" goes from 100 % to 90%, a "B" goes from 89% to 80% and a "C" goes from 79% to a 70 
%.  All met 
It's the following you need to be concerned with.  The next area, "Below standards" is more like 
"D" range..... a "69% to a 60 %.  And then there is the "Far below standard". Somewhere we all 
our child does not go.  "59% to 0%. Basically a 'F".

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