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Welcome to the world of middle school!  Look forward to a year of challenges, friendships, laughs, studies, hardwork and overcoming obstacles.  I am inviting you here to preview what the next year has in store for you. 

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tanisha Woods and I will be your resource teacher and administrative intern this year at Salem Middle School. I love reading adventurous novels, vacationing overseas, and creating new ways to teach my students new concepts.  This is my 12th year teaching and my second year of training as an administrator. I have taught kindergarten, second, third, and fifth grade, in addition to middle shcool and high school. I feel that teaching and supporting learning through technology is a MUST in today’s world.  Our room contains a Smart Board, a LCD projector, an ACTIVslate, ACTIVpens, and ACTIVwands.  I ask that all students treat my equipment as if it were their own!

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Note to Parents

Middle school is an incredible Image result for adventure word, filled with wonderful activities and experiences.  We will have fun with science experiments and math investigations; we'll make new friends, write stories, read fantastic books and learn how to be an independent learner!

In our school, learning is a team effort, and you and I have a common help your child become an independent, joyful learner.  To do this, I will utilize every available minute of our day to enrich your child's learningImage result for homework.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year. This will be an awesome year, and I am sure that your child will enjoy it!!! If at any time you have questions, concerns or helpful suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me throughout this year. We are in this together!


Helpful Websites for Parents

***FunBrain for Parents

Educational games are the highlight of this site. The games cover all interest areas and target specific age levels. There are “parent-kid challenges,” “homework relief,” and “books on the run” links. Also linked to this site, there is a family education newsletter that helps with school, life, entertainment, and special needs issues.


This website shares reviews of “cool new books” and authors. The books are categorized by age and by genre. There is a link for podcasts and another for book clubs. The newsletter highlights the newest and best on the site.


***PBS For Parents

This site contains guides on a variety of topics such as child development, curriculum connections, and technology for kids. It also shares information on hot issues in education. On the lighter side, there are games, stories, and guides to the TV programs offered by PBS. The guide is also available in Spanish. Bienvenidos a PBS Padres!


***Scholastic for Parents

This site contains age appropriate guides for helping your child learn to love reading. Divided into early childhood and school age children, the site also contains resources for helping your child with math, technology and other subjects. Additionally, there is an array of information about family matters.

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Ms. Woods's Rules and Procedures

When students exhibit appropriate behavior and follow my resource room rules, they will receive classroom money, otherwise known as Class Gold. Image result for clipart gold coins It is the student's responsibility to keep it in a safe place. I allow no stealing or trading between students. On an unannounced day, the students will be able to shop for prizes at the Class Gold Store. Image result for clipart store The students will shop in order, from the student who has the greatest amount of gold down to the student who has the least. I charge for restroom and drink breaks that are taken at a non-scheduled times. Students can earn Class Gold for several appropriate behaviors such as: showing random acts of kindness, helping one another, and answering classroom questions correctly.


School-wide Classroom Expectations

We expect ALL students to behave appropriately in the classroom, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, special area classes, the playground, and in every other area of the school building. The entire school has adopted this plan...

1. Be in your assigned seat, ready to work when the bell rings.

2. Bring/Have paper, pencil, books, and all needed materials everyday.

3. HFBO: Keep your hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.

4. NO cussing, rude gestures, cruel teasing, or put downs.

5. Follow directions of any adult working at this school.

Be Responsible * Be Respectful * Be Cooperative * Be Peaceful * Be Safe


Students can visit these websites to play fun & educational games...




Social Studies:



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Phone: (919) 363-2696