Summative Assessment Presentation Information

One-Step Equations Slide Show:

Students will become the teacher by teaching other students how to solve a one-step equation through a slide-show tutorial.  Use the following Power-point slide format for their presenation.  There is a scoring rubric for this assignment (See scoring rubric tab).


I. Slide 1: Title Slide (Includes topic and your name.)

II. Slide 2: Definition of a one-step equation and example.

III. Slide 3: The parts of a one-step equation and examples.

IV. Slide 4: Important vocabulary (inverse operations, isolating the variable,  and solving for the variable) and examples.

V. Slide 5: How to solve a one-step equation with an example.

VI. Slide 6: Include 3 to 6 practice problems.

VII. Slide 7: Includes answers to practice problems.

VIII. Slide 8: Important things to remember.

IX. Slide 9: Include two additional resources you find on the internet and a from your textbook.