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Homework: Tuesday


In addition to this page your child will need to complete either the CVC or Reading page of homework. If your child scored below 80% on the CVC test last Friday, they will do the CVC page. If your child scored 80% or above, they will complete the Reading page. Please check the update that is being sent home on Tuesday.






Writing is inbedded in ELA this week.



Math -  



Game -

1.  Draw 10 circles. Draw less than 10 squares. Draw more than 10 triangles.


           less than                            equal                 more than

             ##                                  OOOOO             **********



Sight Words

We will have a sight word test each Friday that asks the children to identify and write each sight word.


all  here   big  is  little


Rainbow write each word in your homework journal



Check your child's test update to see if they are doing CVC or Blends (CCVC) this week.


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