About Me

Just as I have mentioned in class on the very first day of school, I am an alumni member of Pine Forest Sr. High. 

I taught Math at PFSH for 7 years and then at Mac Wiliams Middle School for 10 years. 

I feel that it is an honor to be back at PFHS. As I have also told a few of you when you asked, my husband and I do have children. One 15 year old JV cheerleader with Cape Fear High School, and two 4-legged boys. 

I also have received a Master degree in Social Work. I do have future goals of following that field of work, one day but for now, 

I am thrilled to be back in the classroom! 

Be gentle with me during this year at the homecoming football game as half of my heart bleeds green and gold, while the other half bleeds blue and gold. #Trojanpride #coltprideneverstops wink

Please, do not try to find me on social media because I keep my pages private. Long after you are no longer officially on my roster, feel free to freind me on any social media page, but NOT while you are on my roster. 

Math may not teach us how to ADD love or SUBTRACT hate, but it gives us hope that EVERY problem has a SOLUTION.  - unknown