Grading Scale


grade scale 

Our fifth grade classroom has a seven pointgrading scale grading scale, which serves to set high goals for all students that are high but not

unattainable. A seven point scale tells the students that they must work hard in order to achieve a good grade

and grades will not be given out but earned. The final grade in each content area will be an

average (or mean) of the student’s grades in class participation, growth throughout each unit,

homework completion  (homework points will be given for completion not accuracy), unit

tests, multi-genre project, portfolio, labeled binders, and other in class activities. These

assignments will be proportioned as follows in the final grade:


 Assignment: Percentage:
 Multi-Genre Project 15%
 Portfolio 20%
 Growth 20%
 Class Participation
 Unit Test
 Homework 5%
 Binder 5%
 In Class Activities 10%
 Total 100%