policyHomework will be used in our classroom as a time to practice and refine skills. In Marzano’s and Pickering’s article, The Case For and Against Homework (2007), their study concluded that students who were assigned appropriate homework scored 23 percentile points higher on tests of knowledge addressed in that class than the average student in a class in which homework was not assigned.

Homework will be given daily, and should take about one hour to complete.

Homework is encouraged to be done with a parent or guardian if possible, in order for the parent to know what we are learning about and to give individual attention to the student. Homework is not to take away from time spent with the family, but as a medium to facilitate discussion in the household about the concepts that are being taught in school.  books

Homework will not be graded but will be taken for completion points because grades should not be given for a skill that is not refined yet. 

In the case of absence or incomplete work, the student must turn in the work completed.

Students will be penalized 10 percentage points off if homework is turned in late. All homework must be turned in by the end of each unit, so that the student has the adequate practice to succeed on the unit test as well as be able to move on to future material.

In the case of long absences, I will work with the student before school, after school, or during lunch in order to explain and teach the material that the student missed.

Since homework is for practicing, no homework will be incomplete by any student.