Kids Fun



Today's Kid Craft:

Eye Dropper Painting

Provide eyedroppers, thin tempera paint, and

absorbent paper. Using the eyedropper as a

painting tool can make designs. Another method

is to prepare water colored with food coloring in

muffin tins. Using heavy paper towels with con-

struction paper underneath for protection, the

children will enjoy creating designs with the

colored water.

Today's Kid Craft:

Teeth Collage

Make a "good food" for their teeth collage out of

pictures from magazines. They might even want

to hang them on their own refrigerator to remind

them which foods are healthy.



Happy Valentines
Valentine mouse: 
Red and pink construction paper
Black marker
Flat lollipop

1. Fold a piece of red construction paper and cut a half heart about 3 ¸inches high on the fold. Leave the heart folded to form the body of the mouse.

2. Cut a smaller heart from the red paper for the head of the mouse. Cut a slit about halfway up from the point of the heart. Wrap the two sides of the slit around to form a cone nose and staple them in place. Use a black marker to draw eyes and a nose. Staple the head to the pointed end of the heart body. Staple the rounded end of the body so that it forms a pocket.

3. Cut a tiny heart from red paper. Write PULL on the heart and glue it to the stick end of the lollipop. Write your valentine message on this heart and glue it over the wrapper. Tuck the lollipop into the body of the mouse so that the stick end is sticking out to form the tail of the mouse.