Students will
  • Describe ways in which animals move.
  • Participate in physical exercises.
  • Discover that exercise is an important way to stay healthy.
  • Animals in Action video
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Construction paper
  • Black felt tip markers (optional)
  1. Talk about the ways animals move. Have students watch Animals in Action, following the instructions and participating in the physical exercises shown, including balancing on one leg or hopping. Stop the video for a few minutes at each exercise so that students have a chance to get a good idea of the different movements.
  2. After watching the program, discuss how the exercises made students feel. Did it feel good to move? Did it give them more energy? Talk about the ways the animals moved. Which movements were the most difficult for the students? Which movements most closely resembled what humans do?
  3. Ask students to describe their favorite physical activities and ask them to describe how they feel when they don't get to move around enough. Explain that exercise is an important way to keep our bodies healthy.
  4. Give students crayons and construction paper and have them draw a picture of themselves doing their favorite kinds of physical activity. Have older students write a sentence or two about this activity and how it makes them feel.
  5. Display the drawings in the classroom as a reminder that physical activity helps keep us healthy and happy.
  6. As a follow up, organize time for extra physical activity a few days a week and have students chart how they feel on these days versus how they feel on the days that did not have extra exercise.