Professional Growth Goal

This year my professional growth goal was developed using a self-assessment focusing on integrating technology tools to support special education students learning development in multiple subjects. A focus on vocabulary development using the ViewSonic Presentation Board text program allowed handwritten text to become computer written text. This was extremely useful to support quick note writing and making it easy for students to read promoting greater visual representations of vocabulary. Additionally, I valued taking the time to research assistive equipment, materials and resources to promote calm for students in stressful situations followed by preparing a guide/ rubric for microphone use.

When I conducted research for strategies, resources, and calming tools I came across items that were implemented with different students displaying unsure, fidgety behaviors interfering with their learning development. The first item implemented was a fidget square that allowed the student to keep their fingers busy when reading and during discussions. Another item implemented was a soft velour cloth about 4 x 4 inches in size. Also, I applied microphone technology to student presentations, which included the use of rubrics to guide students in preparing their presentations.

What action did I take to achieve my goal?

  • Action: Achieving this goal required communication with Tech Support to link the iPad to the ViewSonic Presentation Board followed by much research. Research that was conducted focused on assistive equipment, materials and resources to promote calm for students in stressful situations. Additional research resulted in the location and implementation of a rubric for microphone use. The effective research approach has provided positive outcomes and I will strive to continue.

How can I assess my goal attainment?

  • Measure Effective Practice: I was able to assess my goal attainment by observing student’s ability to complete tasks independently, that were previously challenging prior to the individualized instruction supporting differentiated instruction.  Also, the observations of student’s practice and growth to meet individualized goals was supported by the analysis of rubric results to determine growth. The continued use of assessing student achievement with these practices is my goal as they have produced a clear picture of students needs and achievements. 

As I continue as a professional educator, the comparison of my initial and final self-assessments has promoted the development of my goal to continue observing for areas to grow and conduct research supportive of new strategies leading to student achievement. The growth mindset I have embraced has and will continue to support a passion for teaching that was observed by my coach who identified my "joy for teaching". Overall, my professional development supported my goal to integrate technology tools to support special education student learning development in multiple subjects by promoting research opportunities that lead to new strategies supportive of my student’s needs!  laugh

Advise for new teachers entering the profession:

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go".  - Dr. Suess

Have Fun! enlightened

Katharine Wright