Policies and Procedures

Mr. Bishop’s Classroom Policies

  • Class materials – You should come to class each day with your district-provided laptop, notebook paper and a writing utensil. 
    • Having index cards and a three-ring binder for class activities is strongly recommended.
  • Laptops - You are responsible for bringing your fully charged district-provided laptop to class each day.  If you cannot complete an assignment due to an uncharged laptop, your work will be counted as late.
  • Cell Phones - Ware Shoals High School is a cell phone free school.  Cell phones may be kept in your backpack or placed at the class charging station.  
  • Tardies – You are present when you are in your desk.  If you’re not in your desk when the bell rings, you’re not on time.
  • Bathroom – You may go to the restroom during time for individual or group work with a pass from Mr. Bishop.
  • Absent work – You are responsible for all makeup work. 
    • If you are absent from class, send me an email by the day you return to school and I will respond with any missed work.
  • Make-up Tests and Quizzes – You must schedule a time to take a test or quiz you have missed. 
    • Make-up tests must be taken before or after school and cannot be completed during class time.
    • You must make up missed tests within one week of your return to school.
  • Test Retakes – You may choose to retake any major assessment (20% or above) except midterm and final exams.
    • Your new grade will be the average of your first grade and your “retake” grade.
    • To retake a major assessment, you must complete a “Test Retake” form and have it signed by a guardian.  
    • “Retakes” must be completed within one week of the original assessment.
  • Classroom Discipline – All violations of classroom rules or the student code of conduct will be handled according to school policy.