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                   ~HELLO STUDENTS~

First let me start by give you each a big, warm welcome! You’ve made it to the second grade and landed in my classroom,

give yourselves a pat on the back! I couldn’t be happier to start this journey of fun-filled learning with each of you. I look forward to seeing you all blossom into even kinder and smarter boys and girls. It’s my pleasure to be a part of the process, teaching you and learning from each of you, too! Let’s make a pact to make this the best school year yet!

1, 2, 3, go!




              GOALS For the School Year: 

                 Maximize academic progress                         

                 Become better readers and writers                                                                         Never forget

                 Assist with social and emotional growth                                                                to keep smiling,  

                 Build a sense of community                                                                            laughing, and learning!

                 Communicate effectively!


 Daily Schedule:


Curriculum Review




I-Block/Guided Reading/Snack






Foundations Catch-up




ElA Block/ SS/ Science Integration



                             A&C days- Gym

                                          *gym clothes & sneakers

                               B days-    Library

                               D days-    Art

                               E days-    Music





                                                                                                CLASSROOM RULES:

                                          Be kind. Have respect. Stay organized and responsible. Give your best, everyday!


                                      CLASS DISCIPLINE PLAN (PBIS) Positive Behavioral Interventions:

                                               Class tickets. Cherries. Mystery Line Walker. Prizes. Positive Reinforcement




                                                                                                      ~HELLO PARENTS~

        I am thrilled to have your children in my class this year! There are a few things I want to make you aware of to assure that we have a smooth year ahead. There have been school wide character building and discipline plans put into place and your child’s success is our main focus! Also, I will check all assignments and if they do not have anything on them (star, smiley face, etc) please send them back! If you see the words WITH SUPPORT written on your child’s assignment that means they needed support to complete it. Never hesitate to call me or email me with any concerns about your child. The lines of communication are always open and an essential tool to make sure your child in on track! I am a firm believer in making the classroom a comfortable, fun and friendly environment for your child to learn in and do his or her best work.



Procedures For Communication:


Telephone: (914) 384-8181


Email: bdarm325@gmail.com


Notes: Send notes in your child’s traveling

folder I will try to get back to you ASAP, but

meetings and other commitments can

interfere at times. Thank you for understanding!



         How can you help at home?                                           What is your child learning?

-Have a homework routine in place,                                                         The Second Grade Curriculum:

*Homework will be given Monday-Thursday                                             Every lesson begins with Essential Questions

-Use a calendar for Monthly Reading Log                                                  E.Q refer back to our over-arching unit question

*It will be due at the beginning of every month,                                            Throughout the lesson:

record your child’s reading success with a smiley face                                  We will refer back to the essential questions

-Encourage your child to try their best                                                       We will summarize material 

-Work with your child when needed                                                           We will refer to and use vocab extensively

                                                                                                                           At the end of the lesson:

                                                                                                                    We will review the E.Q & summarize it again



Standards for Literature(RL)

Key ideas and details, Integrations of knowledge and ideas, Range of reading and level of text complexity

Writing Standards (W)

Text type and purposes, Production & distribution of writing, Research to build and present knowledge

Foundational Skills (RF)

Phonics and word recognition, Fluency

Speaking & Listening Stand. (SL)

Comprehension and collaboration, presentation of knowledge and ideas

Language Standards (L)

Conventions of standard English, knowledge of language, Vocab acquisition

Reading Standards for Informational Texts (RI)

Key ideas and details, Craft and structure, Integration of knowledge and ideas, Range of reading and level of text complexity (ENGAGENY)




                Essential Questions:

                               -How can good writers develop their sentences?

                               -How does foundations help us to become better readers and writers?      

                               -How do I respond to what I have read?

                               -How do we analyze a character using their traits?

                               -How does a character trait help us to better understand the story?

                               -When do we use capital letters?

                               -What do I do if I cant spell a words




                         Big Ideas: By the end of the second grade…

                                  -Students will understand the importance of

                                   developing their reading and writing skills

                                  -Students will understand why an author study can

                                   help us become better readers and writers

                                  -Students will be able to find key details in stories,

                                   and use their vocabulary to assist them in explaining

                                   characters, etc.