Social Studies 7: American History

Welcome 7th Grade American History!!

Teacher: Ms. Gomez



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Welcome parents and students to 7th grade Social Studies. My name is Ms. Gomez and I am very excited to begin another school year with you all. This year we will be diving deep into the beginnings of American History from approximately the 1600s to 1865. We will begin our year with a brief review of Global and American geography and introduce our students to the culture and experiences of the Native Americans both before and after European Exploration. From there, we will move forward through the start of our nation with the 13 Colonies all the way to the Civil War.

In addition to teaching the history of our country, I want each student to explore what being American means to them. My goal is to make class interesting, exciting, and a comfortable place for us to share our ideas and thoughts about the material. I hope for our classroom to be an inclusive environment where all opinions and ideas are respected. To ensure each student’s progress, lessons will be adapted to accommodate their individual learning styles. Engaging in historical material can sometimes be difficult for young students, but as historians, we will try to learn and analyze the material through our personal experiences and interests. Our differentiated classroom will have a variety of activities for each child to learn in the way they need.

My objective is to help the student become independent in their way of thinking and forming conclusions in a relative and empathetic way. Document Based Question Essays will be a primary tool in improving their writing and comprehension of History. In addition to becoming independent, I would like students to come up with answers to our classroom’s essential questions that will be posed throughout the year: While continuing to learn American History, what does it mean for them to be American? Do the ideals of America match up to how we got to where we are as a nation? Is American History what you expected it to be?

I look forward to an engaging and rewarding experience this year in Social Studies!


Required Materials:


Student Homework Planner

Loose-Leaf Binder

(4 dividers)

Loose-Leaf Paper


Index Cards

Colored Pencils/ Highlighters


Classroom Expectations:

    • If the second bell rings and you are not seated and ready to learn, you are late. If you are late, please have a signed late pass from a staff member. Consistent lateness will result in detention after school to make up the amount of time missed.
    • The teacher will dismiss the class, students seen waiting for the bell before class discussion is over will leave last.
    • Please have all materials needed to learn. For every class you will need your planner, pens or pencils, a highlighter, and your binder. Binders should be divided into four sections: Do Nows/Aims, Notes/Handouts, Tests/Quizzes, and Homework. There will be binder checks, so please stay organized.
    • The day’s Aim must be copied and the Do Now activity must be started at the beginning of class. Both will be posted on the board before your arrival.
    • Please have homework ready to check on your desk as you copy the day’s Aim.
    • If you need the bathroom, raise your hand and wait for permission to leave the room. Sign out on the door’s whiteboard and take the classroom’s pass. Bathroom use will be revoked if abused, please limit to when it is necessary.
    • Raise your hand calmly and quietly and be ready to respectfully participate in the day’s discussions and activities.
    • Everyone makes mistakes! Unless productive and at task, keep all commentary to yourselves. All side conversations are to be kept at a minimum.
    • Be polite and quiet while others are speaking.
    • Everyone is to respect each other’s opinions and ideas. This classroom will be an inclusive classroom where we learn from each other’s differences and accept them. That’s what makes each one of us wonderful. BULLYING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Homework Assignments:

  • Your homework planner is a required class material.  If you are not writing down your assignments, points for class participation will be deducted.
  • Homework will be collected or checked at the beginning of class and then reviewed before the day’s lesson.
  • Partially completed homework will receive partial credit based on the amount completed. Incomplete homework that is reviewed in class will not receive full credit. Larger projects or essays will lose 10 points per day that it is late for up to 5 days. You will receive a 0 for an assignment over a week late.


  • You are important to the dynamics of our class so please attend every class and be on time.
  • If absent, it is your responsibility to obtain notes and homework from your classmates. Refer to the classroom’s Notes Organizer for any handouts you missed and feel free to email or visit office hours for any additional questions.

Exams and Quizzes:

  • Each quarter will have at least two exams and various unit quizzes. Each quiz will be announced with 2-3 days of notice. Each exam will be announced more in advance.
  • Prior to each exam, you are responsible to complete the assigned review questions and hand in for a homework grade the day of the exam. If absent, you are expected to take the test at the very next class - no penalty will be issued for the questions being handed in at that time. However, any student without their review assignment at the time of the test will receive a 0.
  • In-class review sessions will take place 1-2 classes before the exam depending on the amount of content in the exam.


Units to be Covered:

  • Native Americans (prehistory – 1600s)
  • North American Colonialism and its Development (1450-1750)
  • American Independence (1700-1784)
  • Development of the U.S. Constitution (1770-1790)
  • Implementation of the Constitution (1789-1825)
  • Westward Expansion (1824-1880)
  • Era of Reform (1800-1880)
  • A Nation Divided (1800-1880)


  • Your grade will be calculated as follows:
    • Assessments: 35%
    • Homework: 15%
    • Classwork/Projects: 30%
    • Class Participation: 20%
  • At any time, students can ask for their current progress and average to see their standing. Grades are earned, not given.


Office Hours:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: 3:00pm – 3:45pm or by appointment



Image result for american history clipartImage result for american history clipartImage result for american history clipart