About Me

Hello, I am Teacher Robledo,

I am a teacher dedicated to making sure students have a safe and fun and teachable environment. I have been a Para-Educator for 10 year in Special Education. I have loved working every minute with all of my students. As a teacher for 2nd grade, I will make sure I set a good example for all my students. I am dedicated to teaching and engaging studens every day. I will be available for every one of my students. While I am at school, my students will have my full attention.  laugh

Teaching Philosophy:Iron-On Designs™, Teacher Apple (LG)       

My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe and learning environment for all of my students. I want my students to have the freedom to think and be creative. I want them to express their likes and dislikes with me at any time. I will have an open door policy because I want my students to feel that they can come to me, their teacher for any issues. I am a big believer in group interactions. Group work will be established in my class to make our class a successful class where all students can learn. As an educator, I want to see students think critically and learn from each other. By establishing group interactions, students will be able to learn and teach each other. 

Teaching young minds is a job I take seriously! I do not take teaching lightly, it is a love of education that lead me into teaching. It is not just a job, it is an opportunity to teach and mold future successful people. 

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln