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Welcome! heart 

We are off to a great start! Our class in 31L is going to make 2018/19 a great school year! This website is your go to page for information about our classroom. Let us make this year the best!        


Classroom Expectations:                                 


Be kind.                      

Be safe.

Always do your best.

Say please and thank you. 

Respect each other. 

Stay safe online.


Learning for Students:

Students will be learning daily in my classroom. Group work will be established on a daily basis. Reading, English, Math, Science, Social Studies will subjects taught in my class. Students will be successful as they learn. Communication skills, social skills, and thinking skills will be taught daily. By having students work together, they will be developing skills that will help them succeed daily and in the future. 



• Homework will be given on Monday and it will be due Friday.

• Late work will be accepted with a parents note as to why it was not tuned in on Friday. 

• Tardiness is not ok, but if for any reason a student is running late, please come in ready to start. 

• Teacher is available for parents through email or phone before school or after school.

• Parent meetings will be set up in advance through the office.

• Grades will be sent home every month.

• Any concerns parents have please email me any time. 


Rules                                       Consequences:

Follow Directions                                             1. Non-verbal cue, 2. Verbal warning, 3. Parent contact

• Quiet body, Quiet mouth, Quiet hands       1. Verbal warning, 2. Loss of a priviledge, 3. Teacher meeting

• Respect and be nice and kind                       1. Teacher meeting, 2. Time to think, 3. Parent contact

• Be safe                                                               1. Verbal warning, 2. Parent contact, 3. In class suspension

Reward system:

A token reward symtem will be established. Tokens will be earned daily. 

• Tokens can be earned at any time.

• There will be many opportunities for students to earn tokens. 

• Once a week (Fridays) students will shop with tokens from our class store. 

• Students can save tokens for bigger items (lunch from teacher, free time, a preferred activity). 

* Contributions to our class store are always welcome*



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