Class Policies

Parents are welcome to visit the class with an appointment. I welcome help during our Language Arts block to help children with their reading and writing.


Homework: The Dolphins don’t receive homework but will occasionally receive project work from the morning or assignments to take home from an in-session. However, I strongly recommend having your child read to you as well as reading to your child everyday. I’ve had children jump a grade level by reading at home.


Meetings: We meet at the beginning of each term for our compact meeting to determine broad goals for the year and talk about how your child is doing. This meeting will involve the parents and the children. We will also be having a student-led back-to-school night.


Communication: Please feel free to email, call, or ask me in person, any concerns or comments about your child. I am available everyday after school from 3:00-3:15 and you can schedule early morning appointments as well. I am also happy to conference by phone or Skype.


Assessment: I assess your children just to determine their reading levels and knowledge of phonics. I try to assess them each term. This helps me with my instruction and informs the parent of what their child understands within language arts. I also test their number knowledge.


Classroom Management: The children are expected to be respectful with their teacher and peers. To facilitate respectful behavior, we practicing mindful ways of communication and positive peer interaction through various curriculums such as: Tribes, Mindup, Responsive Classroom, and Life Skills. These techniques encourage: positive- emotional connection, intentional listening, develops bonding with peers and community, helps with cooperative learning and play, and most importantly helps children build self-esteem.



If children have a disagreement, we have what we call an I-to I where each participant has an opportunity to share their ideas and concerns. A resolution needs to be agreed upon for all parties to move forward. If an agreement cannot be agreed upon, a new meeting is scheduled.


Lunch and Snack: Your child will need a lunch that doesn’t requiring heating. They will need 2 snacks each day. Additionally, please send water that is labeled. It would be very helpful to label their lunch containers as well.


Toys: Toys are not allowed in class unless it’s a sharing day which we have on Tuesdays during our calendar/math time.


Birthdays: If you like, you may bring in a special treat on your child’s birthday. We usually try to celebrate during recess at 9:45.


Tardiness: If for some reason you can’t make it to school by 8:30, we ask that you wait with your child until 8:45 until morning meeting is finished.



What your child needs:

For Hike Days-

A hat, water bottle with a sling or back pack so their hands can be free during hikes, hats, sunscreen, appropriate shoes. A medical release signed. Car seats if needed on the days we need to travel.

For the Classroom-

A change of clothes in case of emergency

Jackets on cold days

Please label EVERYTHING! We collect vast amounts of items that end up being donated throughout the year.


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