Weekly Updates

November 13-17, 2012


Tuesday: This morning we introduced our new baby rat, Rosetta Shylee to Flower Bell. They seem to get along well after Flower Bell gave Rosetta quite a thumping! I guess that was to establish top rat position. They cuddle and sleep together. After snack, the kids created robots out of paper with Abira. They had a nice share time as well. Later in the day, we read in the library and then planted some winter veggies and some flowers too. We planted: hollyhocks, sweet peas, cabbage, and broccoli.


Wednesday: We learned a new math game where the kids use dice, add the numbers, and color in the corresponding numbers on a butterfly. We are doing lots of adding and counting games right now. We practiced writing a sentence together and stretching out the words. Most of the kids decided to write about Rosetta Shylee, our new baby rat. They enjoyed the park today and some of the kids enjoyed soccer but some did not. We’ll give it a few more tries and see what happens. After the park, we cleaned the rat cage and made turkey decorations for community lunch.


Thursday: We spent more time doing math today since the kids had another great yoga class with Rita. We had lessons on the letter “d” and “th” as in thumb and then. The trip to the Huntington was fabulous and too short! We visited the cactus garden, the lily ponds, the Japanese and Chinese gardens, and the kid’s garden area. I was so impressed by the quick change in the kids as we entered the Zen garden. They quickly sat down and became very quiet and contemplative. Here are a few pictures from our visit:  


Friday: We had a relaxing morning doing our calendar and playing with the rats. Then it was off to make cookies and set up the meeting house for the community lunch. The kids did everything from picking flowers and decorating, to setting up the chairs and putting on the tablecloths. They love to help out and be productive little citizens. I’m so proud of them! Have a very happy Thanksgiving everyone.


                              Flower Bell on the left and Rosetta Shylee on the right.