About the Computer Lab

The Pali Elementary Computer Lab, sponsored by PEP, has come a long way since it began in January of 2004. At present, Kinder through grade 3 students attend the lab, with the grade 2 and 3 students coming in twice a week. With the installation of a SMART Board in September, 2007, the technology instruction improved by leaps and bounds, especially for the younger students. Interactive white boards enable students to understand directions much more quickly, giving them the opportunity to be more independent workers as they complete assignments.

Technology instruction is provided by Valerie Belt, a credentialed teacher in the state of California, and her collaboration with the teachers enables the students to take what they learn in the classroom and then use the technology to not only improve their knowledge of the subject matter, but create alternative ways to present the concepts being learned. The students have access to programs such as Read, Write and Type, Type to Learn,  Pixie 2, Kidspiration, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the internet, and Accelerated Reader.

The school-wide network, installed in the summer of 2007, provides a personal folder for each student and teacher where they can save their work. This allows students to have a technology portfolio of their work that can then be taken with them when they leave the school. This network also allows teachers to collaborate much more easily.

Pali Elementary’s computer lab has seen hundreds of students pass through its doors since its inception in 2004, and every year the students become more and more technologically savvy, enabling them to successfully address the fast-paced world of technology in which we all live.