LEGO Mindstorm Build instructions - View build instructions for several robot models.

Balloon Rover- Create a model of one of the NASA Mars Rovers.

Domabotics -Robotics Resources and activites. "Supporting robotics in the classroom."

Edinformatics Robotics - K-12 Experiments.  Robots in the Workplace, Space, Home, Medicine and the Military.

Grants - BoeingDupontLEGOHewlet Foundation 

Transformers (c) -Lesson Plans-Relate the concept that some things in nature and science change.

LEGO League Challenges - Sumo ChallengeLine RunLine Follow

Robotics Education Projects -Links to robotics resources.

NASA Robotics Alliance - Compilation of robotics resources for students in grades k-12

NASA Space Telerobotics - Internet Robotics resources

NASA Robotics Education- The official site for NASA Robotics

NASA Robotics Lesson plans- Robotics lesson plans featuring NASA educational resources.

Robonaut-NASA meets Star Wars meet the R2 of 2011.

Robotic Hand Activity- Design a model of a robotic hand using simple easy to find materials.

Space Shuttle/Station robotic hand- Design a model of the robotic end effector that is located on the NASA Space Shuttle