My Classroom Website


I believe that every child can learn and has the right to a solid 
education.  I believe students learn best when they are a part of the 
educational process and feel safe while learning.  They should have 
enjoyment and power, to some extent, in their educational 
experience.  Giving children some control of their learning makes the 
process more personable and meaningful.  Children should be 
encouraged to voice their opinions in a democratic and respectful 
manner.  However, they should be taught to uphold their teachers, 
and other adults, with the utmost respect. 
 A good learning environment should be friendly, discussion 
oriented, and have discipline.  Children need to be challenged to 
grow and prosper.  I can meet this need by using real-life 
experiences, cooperative groups, best practices, and interactive 
opportunities in my classroom. 
 I feel teachers should be knowledgeable, flexible, and 
compassionate.  Teachers must be able to adapt to the everyday 
changes in life to create a smooth transition for their students.  
Knowledge is necessary for any teacher to ensure a quality education 
for all children.  A teacher's compassion can only improve their 
teaching.  Caring for students and their education is an essential 
ingredient for any effective teacher.